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We are a business that caters to pest control services in Cambridge, Ontario and its surroundings. We are extremely passionate about what we do and we are always willing to help at any time, 365 days a year, no matter what. We specialize in all types of pests, covering the commercial and residential realms.

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You can call us at (647) 920-5580 whenever you need professional assistance to attack and eradicate bed bugs or any other pest from your home or office. We provide free phone advice and local visits. We also offer free quotes. Some pest problems must be assessed personally, but we will let you know if that is necessary as soon as you tell us about your nuisance. 

Our services 

Given the fact that pests are common in Cambridge, we provide plenty of pest control treatments to meet our customers’ needs. We help you control rats, spiders, bed bugs, flies, ants, termites, wasp nest, mice, and others. Our company targets their services to both commercial and domestic properties. Our rates are among the lowest on the market. 

With our 5 years of experience, we have been able to extend our services by adding anti-rodent treatment and anti-spider treatment. Ant-wasp treatments are also included. If you are struggling with moles and squirrels, don’t worry, we have the solution for your problem. We also eliminate fleas and any other insect that pops into your head.

Residential pest control  Services 

Residential pest control  Services 

Our residential pest control services are one of the most comprehensive on the market. As soon as we get to your home, we inspect the interior and exterior areas. Regardless of the time of the year, our technicians are ready to apply the best treatment to help you get rid of bed bugs, fleas, ants, squirrels, and whatever is causing disturbance in your household.

Commercial pest control Services

Commercial pest control Services

We likewise offer commercial pest control services in Cambridge, ontario. Some of our services are rodents, mice, ants, termites, bed bugs, fleas, squirrels, moles, and insect extermination. Our pest solutions also include fly treatments, wasp treatments, and spider treatments. We are acknowledged as the most trusted pest control business in Cambridge. 

industrial pest control cambridge ontario

Industrial Pest Control

Industrial Pest control is of paramount importance in businesses of all sorts. Our experts are competent in the eradication insects and mice in commercial and industrial areas. With our top-notch services and pest removal technologies, we help businesses comply with the respective Surveillance Standards of Cambridge.

Bed Bug Control Services

We are local exterminators with over 25 years of experience in bed bug control in commercial and residential properties. Our methods and techniques differ from the ones used by others because they are effective and eco-friendly. We customize solutions for unique problems. Our pest controllers offer bed bug inspection, extermination, and maintenance. 

Bee and Wasp Nest Removal Services

If you are looking for bee and wasp nest removal services in Cambridge ontario, look no further. Handling bees and wasps requires expertise and knowledge to prevent further issues. Bees and wasps don’t only infest your home but can also take over a territory and be aggressive. We make sure these insects do not stay or return.

Ant Control Services

Our technicians specialize in ant control services. We treat and diagnose any problems. Our specialists offer custom solutions to tackle any kind of infestations in commercial premises and households. We will remove all the ants from your home, so you will not cope with this infestation and the disease pathogens they generate.

Cockroaches control services

We provide cockroach control services in addition to flee, bed bugs, and other infestation control services. Our technicians deliver advanced custom solutions to combat cockroach infestations that are known to cause infections and diseases. No additional costs. No hidden fees. We will look every nook and cranny for cockroaches and cockroach eggs.

Rodent Control Services

Rodents can be harmful to pets and humans and can cause chaos in commercial and residential properties when grow in number. Rodents can inflict bites and lead to infections. Our technicians eliminate all types of rodents from homes and commercial facilities. If you are looking for a trustworthy company, contact us and schedule an appointment.

Integrated Pest Management services in Cambridge

Are you looking for integrated pest management services in Cambridge? We are the best-integrated pest management business in the region with more than 5 years of experience. We proudly offer a wide array of pest treatments to kill ants, spiders, beetles, bed bugs, cockroaches, gnats, mosquitoes, and flies. Integrated Pest management is, by far, one of our top services. 

These services aim to exterminate all pests including rodents like squirrels and moles. Prior to the treatment, we perform an inspection across the property to find spider webs, bed bugs, or any sign of pest activity. We pick the treatment based on the type of infestation. Integrated pest management services with a more comprehensive package. 

Carpenter Ant

Are you struggling with carpenter ants? We provide carpenter ant removal in commercial and residential properties. We’ll eradicate that terrible infestation with desiccants and dehydrating chemicals. We cover all the areas of the house. Although they can be hard to eliminate, they will no longer be a problem for you after a single visit.

Infestation Signs

One key to pest extermination is a general indoor and outdoor inspection. Our technicians will not leave a stone unturned. We will utilize our best methods to spot signs of infestations. Some infestation signs may include egg capsules, shed skin, body of dead insects, and smear marks, unusual odor, droppings, and sawdust. Inspection is free of cost.

Damage Issues

Termites, mice, cockroaches, bed bugs, and rats are some of the most terrible infestations homeowners face. Our business inspects and assesses the damage issues these creatures have caused to your home or commercial premises. Professional pest management assistance will help you prevent costly maintenance costs in the near future.

Removal Steps

We provide one of the most organized integrated pest management services in Cambridge, Ontario. Our removal steps involve inspection of facilities and the extermination of local pests. Following the inspection, we apply the treatment and follow through with the removal procedure with getting rid of dead insects or rodents and removing food sources.

Mouse Control 

The first step to get rid of a mouse infestation is definitely a general inspection. Before working out the infestation, we perform an inspection to find possible runways and feeing areas where they can hide. In order to remove all mice, we will need to eliminate the trash and declutter spaces. Sanitation is also important, as it disinfects objects and removes food sources.

Rodents Destroy Building Materials

Rodents can burrow into buildings very easily through the ground. The most common rodents in Cambridge are rodents, mice, rats, and squirrels. Get in touch with us for a solution. Many are wildlife species that cause terrible damage to external structures and foundations. We’ll remove their nests and block the entry points.  

Mice and Rats Carry Disease

It is well known that mice and rats carry diseases and pollute food. Rats are a pain in the neck with their ability to hide and reproduce across sewage systems. Our technicians can help you eliminate both wild rats and mice, preventing their reproduction. They can transmit hantavirus and lymphocytic choriomeningitis. Get in touch with us and we’ll get them out of your property.

We Can Help

We can help you prevent damage in your home and business structure caused by rodents, bugs, beetles, ants, cockroaches, including rabbits. We’ve made available the same services to companies and homeowners. If you need an emergency pest removal service very late at night, we are always willing to help! Just dial our phone number and we’ll go to the rescue faster than expected.

Protect Your Cambridge

Pest control is another way to keep your home or business facility in good condition. If you happen to see a crack on your door or window surface, an infestation may be the culprit. We will help you protect your Cambridge property from a wide range of destructive infestations like rabbits, moles, rats, and mice. We have maintenance services for you.

Bed bug control

Bed bug control is also among our top services. Professional assistance is advisable to attain efficient bed bug control. Bed bugs are tiny and hide well, but we know where to search for them. For this use, we generally use steam, heat and remove their shelters. In addition to that, we can utilize professional products and nontoxic chemicals to sweep them away.

Identifying Bed Bugs

Bed bug identification can be tricky for nonprofessionals. While immature bed bugs feature a whitish or translucent body, adult bugs can be reddish. Some can be even yellowish. Our specialists are specialists in all bed bug species, so don’t worry about it. We can also detect bed bug eggs and bed bugs in the nymph stage. We are pretty efficient. 

Inspecting Your Home

Bed bugs can invade an entire house. They can live in cardboard boxes, wood crevices and cracks, clothing, baseboards, windows, and doors. As soon as we come along, we start looking for them in the most prominent places for them like old rooms, bathrooms, inside boxes, shelves, old chest of drawers, inside closets, and obviously your mattresses and bed frames. 

Treating an Infestation

We have several ways to treat infestations. We pick the treatment based on the type of infestation. Whenever we work out a pest extermination project, we focus on the most affected areas and where they could flee to. Bed bugs are agile and can survive in extreme environments without food. Hence the importance of heat and steam extermination tools. 

Bee & Wasp Control

Bees and wasps can be a menace for businesses and homeowners. In order to keep these animals under control, inspection and quick removal are necessary. While bees are more loved than wasps, the truth is that they can also hurt you. To get rid of these insects, we utilize special equipment and protection gear to get close to them and grab their nests.

Infestation Dangers

While some pests are less harmful than others, all infestations can be prevented. One way to prevent any type of infestation is by keeping the spaces clean and not cluttered. Another key is the entry points through which rodents gain access to find food. Pests can cause serious health problems and convert your home into an undesirable place to live. Contact us. 


We can’t design an extermination plan if the pest remains unidentifiable. Spotting the pest and identifying the type of pest are the first things we do before treatment. In order to identify the pest, we perform a thorough investigation of all the areas of your premises and check the places you’ve notice are their shelters. Any insect or rodent in sight will be exterminated. 


Removal of bed bugs, spiders, squirrels, cockroaches, droppings, and nests is an essential part of our work. We specialize in the removal of all kinds of pests that infest both residential and commercial facilities. We will remove them through steam or heat or by using a professional vacuum cleaner. Results are immediate. Our technicians will also eliminate their shelters and destroy their hiding places. 

How We Stand Out: Your Premier Choice for Pest Control in Cambridge

Comprehensive Pest Elimination

Measures to eradicate pests must include the elimination of sources of food, water, and shelter for them. Used glasses and cans can contain spiders, bed bugs, flies, and cockroach eggs in them in enclosed areas. We will destroy any space where they may be. Our technicians will look for loose wallpaper since it is one of the favorite hideouts of bed bugs. At this point, we will then proceed with the treatment we consider best. 

Safety and Health Priority

Although many pest control exterminators operate in Cambridge, not many offer the top-quality service that we deliver. We are a passionate team with the commitment to ridding your household, business, and spaces of the pests that disturb you. Best of all, we will exterminate all bugs, cockroaches, spiders, gnats, and other pest types by using chemicals that do not hurt you or cause allergies or infections in your family. If you scratching your head over your pest issue because you can’t find a solution, contact us. 

Customer-Centric Service

Added to that, we customize treatments based on what you desire. We will inspect the facility with extreme care in order to spot any signs of infestation that may be causing disruption in your daily life. Our specialists will also eliminate objects or items that may be attracting to your home, and at the end of the treatment, they will provide prevention tips to keep your residence pest-free. 

Experienced Pest Specialists

When we employ a tool or product, we make sure it is botanical or low-risk for all residents indoors and outdoors. We understand that some chemicals can have an impact on the environment. Fortunately, we get up-to-date with new technologies and pesticides to treat pests without causing damage or ruining the air quality indoors. We prioritize your health. 

Best of all, we are a friendly team of anti-pest specialists. Our technicians have been trained to deal with the most common pest infestations in Cambridge. We are familiar with our customers’ specific requirements. We are aware that living in an infested environment is not a piece of cake, so we try to serve our clients in the best way. 

We are not a family-owned owned operated pest control business in Cambridge. but a real company founded by experts in the pest control field. Each one of our technicians has over 5 years exterminating many types of infestations. We offer in-house assurance in residential and commercial facilities. 

Pests in Cambridge

Cambridge is known to suffer the proliferation of pests in all of its regions. It is also a location struck by rodents like squirrels, moles, mice, and rats. But when it comes to pest infestations, bed bugs are unquestionably the most common. These insects can be easily found in homes in Cambridge due to the weather and environmental conditions. 

Another pest we failed to mention is the moth caterpillar. These insects feed on tree leaves. They occur in cities like Ontario and Cambridge. While bed bugs can survive and eat nothing in a year, moth caterpillars are a menace to entire gardens. Other pests in Cambridge are flies and beetles. Our desire is to help you get rid of them all. 


“I was dealing with a persistent pest problem in my home, and your team came to the rescue. They were not only professional and efficient but also genuinely friendly. The customized treatment plan worked wonders, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Thanks for making my home pest-free!”

Sarah Johnson

“I had tried multiple pest control services in the past, but none of them could match the level of expertise and care your team provided. They not only eliminated the pests but also educated me on prevention. It’s clear that your company prioritizes customer satisfaction. I highly recommend your services to anyone in need.”

Michael Robinson

“Dealing with pests can be a nightmare, but you turned it into a hassle-free experience. The eco-friendly approach and the consideration for my family’s health made a significant difference. Your technicians were punctual and thorough. My home has been pest-free ever since, and I can’t thank you enough!”

Emily Clark

“As a business owner, a pest problem can be detrimental to our reputation. Your team’s prompt response and effective treatment not only solved the issue but also saved us from potential losses. Your commitment to providing top-quality service is truly commendable. We now trust your services for all our pest control needs.”

Robert Patel

Frequently asked questions

Why do I need pest control in Cambridge?

You need pest control in Cambridge because infestations are quite common. Contrary to what many people think, pests are not inoffensive and can actually carry diseases. As you may know, if you have rodents like squirrels and moles at home, you might be encountering issues with damage to your property. Other than that, pests grow without ceasing if no treatment is employed to halt them.
Infestations can also signify a disturbance to home residents. Imagine having spider webs all around the house or much worse, poisonous spiders that can hurt your pets or children. Other animals cause major problems by eating even the edge of wooden items or windows. Rabbits and mice can do that. If you don’t have pest control in Cambridge, you might end up spending a lot of money on building repairs.

Why is pest control in Cambridge?

Pest control tends to be expensive in Cambridge because of the demand, practically. Many homes are always dealing with different types of infestation. The pest problem in Cambridge is very big and hard to cope with. Besides, there is a wide range of pests, for example, rats, mice, moles, moths, spiders, bed bugs, and even rabbits. Yes, rabbits reproduce so fast that they have become a problem for homeowners who have a garden. They could not leave even a single flower in a medium-sized garden.
In addition to that, businesses and industries are also affected by infestations. It is a norm that industries call specialists to handle this kind of issue.

How do I choose a pest control company in Cambridge?

When choosing a pest control administrator in Cambridge, it is important that they have a good reputation, are highly ranked, and are very well-rated on Google. It is important that it shows very good reviews. Also, verify if the company has custom plans. Remember that each case and house is different, and treatments may vary.
It is likewise relevant that the pest control exterminator you choose use non-toxic products to eliminate the infestation. Most insecticides and pesticides are actually poisonous and can impact the air quality inside the residence. Other than that, and just for prevention, choose a company that takes charge of it all. This will give you the advantage of relying on a company that offers multiple services and you won’t need to contact others to solve your problem.

How can I prevent pests in my home?

Although you can prevent pests in pests in my ways, there’s no formula. It is always best to call a team of specialists in pest control to solve pest issues. But if you really want to take action to prevent infestations, clean your house properly and regularly. Keeping the home interior decluttered will definitely keep mice, cockroaches, rats, and other pests off. Most pests proliferate in areas where there are lots of food sources or in places that are generally anti-hygienic.
You can also go to the shop for some environmentally friendly insecticides and pesticides. Regular disinfection plays a vital role in pest prevention. Checking every corner is crucial to prevent spider webs.

What does pest control treat?
Pest control helps regulate the proliferation of pests, such as flies, beetles, ants (gardener ants, which are the most common), snails, termites, larvae, mosquitoes, bees, wasps, hornets, bed bugs, spiders, roaches, and others. It will also eliminate the eggs of each one of those insects to prevent them from reappearing. Nests and spider webs will be also eliminated.
Pest treatments also help with rodent infestations. Rabbits, rats, moles, and mice can be troublesome as they reproduce rapidly. We will look for their nests and remove them. We also get rid of items that can draw them in. Pest control likewise disinfects the treated areas to disrupt their growth. They need specific requirements to be able to grow and reproduce.

What are the benefits of pest control?
There’s more than a single benefit of pest management. First, you will not run the risk of being exposed to pest-borne disease pathogens. Pests can lead to diseases and infections in pets and animals, but pest management prevents it all. Added to that, your home will be much healthier without infestations indoors and outdoors. Pests are really bad in all senses.
While you can solve your pest issue with some products you buy at the solution, the truth is professional pest treatment provides a long-term solution, as it is more efficient and comprehensive. Also, getting rid of infestations helps you save money on home repairs in the long run. Rodents can cause terrible damage to structures and house foundations. So, pay attention to them.

What should I look for in a pest control company?
You should look for experience and a good reputation in a pest control company. Always hire people who are accredited and experienced in the pest management industry. When looking for pest exterminators, always check through the company’s contact information. They should have displayed their phone number, WhatsApp number, or email for calls and messages.
Besides, check the treatment days, as some businesses do not work every day. Preferably, choose a company that offers emergency services, as they are more secure. Although many pest exterminators are switching to more eco-friendly methods, it is always advisable to verify that the company utilizes the products it boasts using.

Is a pest control service in Cambridge same as an exterminator?

Technically not. We exterminate ants, beetles, bed bugs, bed bug eggs, roaches, termites, wasps, hornets, mice, and rats, but we will not do so with, for example, bees. We protect bees, and instead of killing them, we will remove them from you’re your house or business. In other words, we will not exterminate them.
Both exterminators and pest control businesses provide top-quality regulation. Another example is goose management. At the moment dealing with a flock of geese, we do not kill the geese, instead, we offer other solutions to keep these birds at bay. In the case of having moles, we will destroy the areas where they can build their nests.

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