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Orented pest control is a business that offers services in Cambridge to get rid of one of the most dangerous pests in the world: mice and rats. Our company uses the best traps and leverages the best technologies to identify and exterminate mice. Any sign of a mice nest will be removed. We will cover the high-activity areas and the places where mice could be with precision and ingenuity. 

Other than that, we clean and monitor high-activity areas to spot mice and offspring. Remember that mice are responsible for a considerable number of diseases and infections in many homes in Canada. We will do our best to exterminate them, so you will not have to deal with a health problem in your family afterward.

mouse control Cambridge

Mice infestations in Cambridge -Why Choose Mouse exterminator

It is a fact that many homes in Cambridge are having problems with mice and rats indoors and outdoors. These creatures are so evasive that they can easily squeeze through very small gaps into the inside or outside of any home due to their size. Besides, they can eat almost anything, from cardboard, and crumbs to food in the state of decomposition. 

They can also withstand heat or cold, although they occur in warm places. After they find a place inside the house, they start to damage the property eating doors, windows, the inside of wooden closets, old books, plastic, or synthetic material. 

Mice also create a huge mess when they defecate and urinate everywhere. They often urinate in shelves and cutlery recipients, increasing their chances of spreading diseases. Hantavirus is a disease associated with rats and mice. You have many reasons to call a mouse management control business. Leave that problem to our specialists.

Rats and mice are hard to eradicate. These mammals are not demanding when it comes to the place to live. We can find them in kitchen cabinets and the void between walls, however, it is also possible to see them run on the ceiling and roof. 

They also use electrical wires to construct their homes and hide. What is worse, they are mostly nocturnal animals, which means they can be bothersome for people with sleeping issues or without cats.

Fortunately, you can count on us by calling 647-920-5580 for inspection and effective measures to control them. It is important to remark that it is not easy to control mice. While you can still use rat poison to eliminate them, they magically reappear out of nowhere and reproduce in the blink of an eye. Contact us and we will help you get rid of them fast and easy. 

we will kill of any type of mice

While there are many types of mice, the house mouse is the most common species that infest our homes. The good news is that it is easy to identify. Female mice are problematic as they can give birth to 35 and 40 mice yearly. In any case, our Mouse Control Cambridge team is ready for everything. Don’t worry. If the infestation has gotten out of hand, we will stop it cold. 

Apart from that, we will also need to search for their fecal droppings, which cause hantavirus. As you may already know, these creatures can climb almost anything, which makes it possible to see them on wires and walls. 

The kitchen is probably their favorite hiding place because it’s where they find food. When we look for droppings and urine, we usually check around the kitchen, since they love urinating and defecating in human food sources. Mouse urine and droppings are harmful to human being because they cause hantavirus.

what you can do to get rid of mice

We will need more than a single visit to inspect the whole area and determine the best strategy. The norm is 4 weekly service visits, but this can vary depending on the severity of the case.

After we have checked the whole structure thoroughly, we select the best treatment for that specific case. When we perform the inspection to find these animals, we look through the walls, ceilings, cabinets, and wooden shelves, especially if they are old. For outdoor inspection, we check the garden or backyard floor for lairs.

 We will also take a look at dirty places around the garbage. The attic, for example, is one of their favorite places. Our experience tells us that those areas are rarely maintained and in the worst cases, they are abandoned.

We will also prioritize messy areas. We might meticulously check the inside of kitchen cabinets and old cabinets in other rooms and dining rooms. If we find droppings in there, we must clean and disinfect those spaces to prevent the appearance of mice in the near future.  

Following the inspection, we installed traps and poisoned baits to attract and trap these rodents. We know where to go and how to do the installation. According to our experience, the best places are the kitchen, rooms, and corners. Setting up traps will help us control the infestation. Our technicians can give you recommendations about how to position and reposition the traps and poisoned baits when needed. 

Mice and rats are connected. Normally, a house that has mice also has rats. When we visit your home, we will not only look for mice but also for rats. Focusing on these two rodents can solve the problem from the beginning.

what we do in our visits

The identification of rodent activity is vital to have good results. We cannot attack the problem randomly, assuming that rats and mice are everywhere and installing bait stations without assessing the actual mouse activity. We need to know where they have been living. Our technicians prioritize the areas our customer mentions plus the ones we consider are in high risk. 

Four or more visits are necessary to monitor mouse activity. We will refill the home indoors with traps, but if we detect our method is not working properly, repositioning is an option.  

During our fourth visit, we usually perform a maintenance service, which is the equivalent of dead and mice removal and the destruction of food sources and dens. If the indoor structure is notably deteriorated, home repair should be the way to go. Failing that, we close the holes where those mice come from and clean the areas that can be their new home. 

If the traps and poison baits work perfectly and kill many rats, we will remove them before they stink and cause more problems.

Maintenance services for Mouse and rats in Cambridge, ON

Rats and mice can reproduce really fast. Regular service is important to control the rodent population, especially if you do not have cats indoors. Once traps are taken away, rats come back sooner rather than later.


Our services are not limited to mouse control services only. We also provide rodent cleanup, which signifies we sanitize and clean up your home interior and doors to prevent future infestations. We remove the mouse sources of food. Exclusion is likewise on our list of services. 


We are committed to helping Cambridge residents get rid of rodents (mice and rats) in the fastest and safest way possible. Our mission is to exterminate rats through safe methods at a low cost. Our services are the most affordable in Cambridge region. Contact us. 


Rodent infestations can definitely impact the quality of life. Our vision is to provide ultimate treatment that guarantees ZERO rats inside and outside the property. We will not rest until mice are gone.

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You can schedule an appointment with us at any time. Our website contains a chat box to get in touch with our agents and tell them about your problem. We do not use AI to communicate with our customers, our customer service is performed by real people. We are also professional advisors, but if the infestation has escalated, we will handle the pest personally. Most of the time, it is impossible to diagnose this kind of issues without a personal inspection.

You can contact our specialists via phone or text message. We have a team that works round the clock, so feel free to give us a call whenever you need our services. When infestations get out of hand, emergency services are the solution. Book an appointment with us. We offer free quotes. 

We also have a Help Us Control Rodents page where you can learn about mouse population control. It is a guide written by specialists in the rodent extermination field.