Bed bugs Exterminator Cambridge 

Orented Bed Bug Exterminators Cambridge is a specialized business in bed bug and pest control that serves Cambridge and the surrounding areas. We are the preferred bed bug control company in Cambridge thanks to our expertise, techniques, environmental approach, and experience. 

With us, you will have the work done in less than 24 hours without sacrificing quality. We are fast but at the same time, we are proud to say we are very detail-oriented when assisting our customers. 

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We focus on the bed bug and bed bug egg extermination. Our team always gets up-to-date with the latest techniques and methods to get rid of bugs with chemicals that do not cause harm and allergies while they are efficiently eradicating insects, especially those that have become immune to pesticides over time.

our Services

Residential Bed Bug Exterminator

Residential Bed Bug Exterminator

It is quite known that many Cambridge locations encounter bed bug control issues. Cambridge is one of the most affected areas with bed bug infestation and other pests.

Fortunately, we are ready to help with the best techniques, methods, and products to eradicate any trace of bed bugs no matter where they are. This is a residential-oriented bed bug control service.

Commercial Bed Bug Exterminator

Commercial Bed Bug Exterminator

We are not only restricted to residential bed bug control but we also serve commercial facilities. We usually specific techniques and methods to deal with bed bugs on folders, tables, chairs, wooden doors, and windows in offices.

Bed bugs can live for months or more on many types of surfaces. They are even resistant to some pesticides.

Emergency Bed Bug Exterminator services (2)

Emergency Bed Bug Exterminator services

Understanding the bed bug situation in the Cambridge area, we’ve likewise made bed bug emergency services available.

Bed bug emergencies are not common but can occur. Our bed bug treatment guarantees bug removal in one day, thanks to our experience. We also offer a 120-day warranty just in case bugs reappear sooner than expected. Are you in need of an emergency service? Our team of experts is available 24/7.

Biological treatment

Bed bug biological treatments act differently from other types of pesticides. As the name suggests, biological treatments leverage natural agents to combat bed bugs. It is important to clarify that, although this method is efficient, it will eradicate the bugs after 7 days of treatment. In other words, it doesn’t deliver immediate results.

Vacuuming bed bugs

Vacuuming is not enough to eliminate bed bugs completely. In the end, you’ll have to resort to a business like ours to help you get rid of the pest. However, vacuuming acts as a preventive measure that reduces the chances of having bed bugs very soon. You may vacuum your bed and wooden items, but these bugs are so tiny that they can hide in crevices and cracks.

Bed Bug Inspection

As a bed bug control business, we also offer an inspection service. We can vacuum or remove any bugs unless we do the inspection first. We’ll check the wooden items, wooden windows and doors, and wallpaper, in order to find cracks and crevices where bed bugs normally lay their eggs may be. You can rest assured we will remove the bed bugs along with their eggs and droppings.

Chemical Pest Control

We use pesticides but not the same pesticides that many of our competitors rely on. We meticulously select our pest control chemicals. Our technicians do not use chemicals that lead to allergies and other affections. Our pesticides are efficient and environmentally friendly. Of course, they are not used in all cases, only in certain circumstances that require doing so.

Steam Treatment

Steam treatment is not the same as heat treatment; they are different. Of the two, steam treatment seems more complex and efficacious. Bed bug steam treatments consist of a thermal process that combats corrosion. The steam creates a thin controlled layer of oxide. As it is far-reaching, we use this technique quite frequently. The steam kills bed bugs on the spot.

Mattress Encasement

Mattress encasement is among the services we supply to the Cambridge area. Although it is not a commonly requested service, it is a fact that mattress encasement does a great job when it comes to protecting from bed bugs. Our encasement materials are of excellent quality and they are, by far, more affordable than the mattress encasement service offered by our counterparts.

Preventive Measures

We are inspectors, cleaners, and advisors. There are several ways to reduce or eliminate bed bugs from your bed and home completely. By cleaning, vacuuming, and not cluttering, you reduce your chances of having bed bugs. You can also use pesticides or buy a mattress encasement to keep these insects away. Sealing cracks on wooden items can also work.

Education and Awareness

Educating yourself about the consequences of having bed bugs in the household is a must-do if you live in a region like Cambridge, ontario. Happily, there are plenty of methods and DIY techniques you can use to get rid of these insects. Bear in mind that keeping your settings clean is not enough to stop these bugs. They can live in filthy and well-maintained spaces.

Why choose orented bed bug exterminator cambridge ?

While there are hundreds of bed bug exterminators in Cambridge, not all can offer what we do. We are among the highest-ranked and rated bed bug control companies in Cambridge thanks to our knowledge and expertise. We are REAL bed bug exterminators. We are not simply a name, but a real solution you have in your hands.

As soon you see signs of bed, we recommend contacting us immediately. We know where to look and where bed bugs hide. After spotting these insects, we will make sure to provide the most appropriate solution. Bed bugs can occupy extensive areas in the home without your realizing, but we will can identify them easily.


With our proficiency, bed bugs cannot hide from us. We can easily find them and prevent the infestation from worsening. Plus, we will use products that are safe and non-toxic. Safety is our priority. None of our pesticides and insecticides are harmful. Proper use of these chemicals give excellent results.


Effectiveness is important in bed bug treatment. Although it is possible to deal with this problem with some DIY techniques, many of those methods are unprofessional and deliver results that do not last. We guarantee the job will be done in no time and the elimination of bugs for a long time. We choose the method depending on the case.

save time and money

With us, you will also save time and money. Since bed bugs are evasive and hide in unreachable spaces, it can take hours to spot and exterminate them. With Bed Bug Control Cambridge, you can continue doing your chores while we take on the hardest part of the work. Additionally, our prices are incomparably much lower than the ones of other companies.

bed bug exterminator Cambridge

Our Bed bug removal process


We can’t proceed with the bed bug removal without doing an inspection. As soon as we get to your home, we start checking the wooden items, doors, and windows in order to find bedbug eggs and bed bugs. We focus on the old wood that looks cracked, as this is one of the favorite places of bed bugs to hide. We will also check your clothing, mattresses, and furniture.  

Although you can identify the infested areas, our tools make it easier for us to spot them. Big infestations are easier to detect than small infestations, certainly. 

Some of our tools we use are flashlights, gloves, pesticides, insecticides, masks, towels, thongs, scissors, boots, steamers, vacuum cleaners, and so on.


This is how we do the inspection: 

  • We put emphasis on the tags of the mattress and box spring. The mattress is where bed bugs reproduce the most. 
  • If the wood of your bed is cracked, we will surely take a look at it. This kind of insects tends to hide in cracks and crevices. 
  • We will also check the headboard where bed bugs prefer to walk on. If the headboard has cracks, we will pay attention to it. 
  • Baseboards are thoroughly checked. 
  • Our technicians will also inspect your living room focusing on the areas between couch cushions. Bed bugs hide in there as well as in furniture joints. 
  • Loose wallpapers, paintings, posters, and ceilings are also revised to find signs of bugs. 


We harness these treatments to eradicate bed bugs. They are:

Steam treatments

Steamers can reach temperatures of 300 F, which is more than three times the killing point to eliminate bed bugs. At 100 F, these insects have no chance to survive, dying in 20 minutes. When we use a steam treatment, we guarantee they die much faster.

This method is suitable to get rid of bed bug eggs, immature nymphs, and mature adults. They will die instantly.

Ectisol treatment

Actisol or ectisol treatments have long been in the pest control industry for killing bed bugs, but also ants, yellow jackets, and termites. The cortisol machine is an alternative to steamers and is equally quite practical with a great accuracy to kill flushing bed bugs in hiding spaces. 

Actisol or ectisol comes to be ideal for commercial kitchens but generally can be utilized for large infested rooms. It is a great option to remove bed bug droppings. 

Residual spray for cracks and crevices

We are equipped with residual spray for cracks and crevices. Bed bugs normally choose cracks and crevices to hide and lay eggs, which makes them almost invisible. Happily, there are products that facilitate the search of bed bugs in hard-to-reach spaces like cracks and crevices. Our residual spray is odorless and non-staining. 

Residual sprays can eliminate bed bugs for up to 8 weeks and are ideal for laminated wood and similar surfaces. Our formula is dual-action and water-based. This treatment can only be applied to crevices and cracks as its chemical components can irritate the eyes and skin. It is perfect for reaching any narrow space. 

Frequently asked questions

When can I put my clothes back after bed bug treatment?

As specialists in the area, we must tell you that there’s not a specific timeline to put clothes back. The timeline will always vary depending on several factors. Clothes and the material they are made of are crucial. Fortunately, the products, machines, and the heat we utilize ensure the clothes are ready to be put back in no more than 72 years. This is the average time for a bed bug clean-up service. However, this is not a norm in all cases.
You can put clothes back if the material allows you to do so or the treatment is soft. In the case of the second option, the clothes must be ready in 24 hours. Bed Bug Exterminator Cambridge can do the job in no time without damaging your clothes or leaving any smell on them.
Are bed bugs and cockroaches related?
They are not genetically related but they can be found in the same places eating and thriving. Can they live in harmony? Not at all, but they share the ecosystem. The difference is bed bugs are more restricted to the smooth surface of bedclothes, whereas cockroaches can be found around the house. In the end, if cockroaches and bed bugs are in the same place, cockroaches will eat them up, as they are natural enemies.
Although they are similar in appearance, they can’t live in harmony. Roaches cause infections and are twice as harmful as bed bugs. They are also larger, but they are equally pests. Our team specializes in bed bug eradication by using the best chemicals, heat, and products, to keep roaches and bugs away.
Can bed bugs be in dressers?
Bed bugs are not only confined to beds, although they are called BED bugs. They can be found in crevices and dressers, where we put our clothes away. In contrast to roaches, they are usually in hidden places. Apart from dressers, these tiny creatures can be found in the headboard and nightstands. Roaches are more visible all over.
We have the solution to this problem. We eliminate both the bugs and their eggs. We check the dressers in order to find eggs as well. It is necessary to eliminate the entire population, otherwise, they will proliferate again. We will also give you advice not to see bed bugs in your dressers soon. Our products will not damage the wood of your dressers or leave any odor.
Will steam from an iron kill bed bugs?
Steaming from an iron will exterminate bed bugs, hence we sometimes use this method to get rid of them faster. However, if you want to do it on your own, steam the surface at 50 degrees C and they will die. When steaming, we can set the steam at 100 C, which is the killing point. In fact, any insect can be exterminated at that temperature. So, rest assured.
But, will bed bugs die fast? They will die on the spot, certainly. You will need around three sessions to kill them all, as they are evasive. Although two sessions may be sufficient in certain areas, it depends on the number of bed bugs and the material clothes and dressers are made from. Bed Bug Exterminators Cambridge uses professional techniques to get the job done efficiently in minutes. Heat is one of the safest options to kill bed bugs.
How much tea tree oil for bed bugs?
While the use of professional techniques for killing bed bugs is more recommended, we also suggest the utilization of the tea tree to solve the problem. As previously mentioned, the chemicals we use do not cause allergies or are harmful at all. Using tea trees is a natural option that will also help you cut costs when eliminating bed bugs.
You will only need a spray bottle first. Mix water and 20 drops of this oil. Sprinkle on your bed and clean your furniture and bed out of these insects. This mixture is ideal for eliminating bed bugs in baseboards, bedding, and dressers.
How long can bed bugs live in cardboard?
Although bed bugs are very small, they are also very resistant. They can even survive on end without a meal, which means they can outlive in cardboard for a long time. Expect to see these insects in cardboard after 3 or 4 months. Cardboard is one of the preferred hidden places where bed bugs most commonly grow.
Given their marvelous capacity to stand famine, they can hide in boxes for years. We do not recommend stacking cardboard boxes. They will not die even if those boxes haven’t been used for a long time.
To keep these bugs from thriving, throw away the old boxes and replace them with new ones.
How do hotels treat bed bugs?
Hotels treat bed bugs by applying heat, extreme cold, and steam. Failing that, they call us to deal with the tricky tasks. Sometimes, hotels do not have the staff for proper cleaning, which ends up in lots of bed bugs in stacked boxes, cardboard, bedding, and dressers. If you don’t have bed bug experts in your personnel, contact us.
Other methods used by hotel owners include vacuuming and spraying pesticides. They must do this every time a guest leaves a suit. It is the best way to prevent the proliferation of these insects.
In places like hotels, bed bugs hide in furniture and closets.
Does Vick rubbing stop bed bug bites?
To keep it simple, do not expect to kill or set free from bed bugs by rubbing Vicks. If you are looking for a solution once and for all, Vicks can also work for a short period of time, but after that, you will have the bed bugs back in your bed. Nonetheless, it can still work when applied to the skin. The smell of the Vick Vapor Rub will keep the bed bugs away from your skin for the night, but it won’t kill the insects on your bed’s surface. It will just keep the bugs away and that’s it.
Viewing this, you will still need to steam, clean, vacuum, or apply cold to your bed to exterminate these insects. If you are not sure how to do it, give us a call. Vick’s Vapor Rub acts like a pesticide meanwhile you wait for a bed bug extermination service.
So, the answer is YES. Vicks stop bed bug bites.

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