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There are plenty of treatments to deal with and eradicate any signs of bed bugs and disturbing insects in commercial property. Orented Pest Control Cambridge are very experienced in dealing with these infestations, which primarily affect homes but can also impact environments stacked with clothing, wool, wood, and materials alike. In any case, we can eliminate bed bugs from your office in less than one day with just one visit of ours. Contact us. 

Commercial Bed Bug Control Cambridge

The eradication of bed bugs may take time based on the level of infestation. If there are too many of these little bugs, getting rid of them can take more hours with a steam machine or pesticides. In all cases, treatments must be applied on a regular basis to keep bugs away. Commercial Bed Bug Control Cambridge generally combines two, three or up to four treatments to get bed bugs out. 

Who we work for

To be more specific, we can eradicate bed bugs through heat steam and some professional insecticides unavailable in supermarkets. Commercial Bed Bug Control Cambridge is a local company that targets businesses with easy and serious bed bug problems. In 20 years, we have cooperated with over 100 businesses providing up to 1500 treatments. We are not limited to the elimination of bed bugs in households. Our services are geared towards businesses dealing with bed bugs and other infestation types.

Custom services

Other than that, we offer custom services. We understand that everyone’s circumstances are different, which prompts us to switch to other cleaning techniques. Commercial Bed Bug Control Cambridge provides custom solutions to meet our customers’ requirements. In this sense, we use heat, steam, and eco-friendly chemicals to cope with bugs. If things have gotten worse, we’ll go with the hardest treatments to do a better job. 

We are the only bed bug and pest control business in Cambridge that provides half-board solutions to customers. As mentioned above, all cases are different, but we’ll mostly focus on heat and steam treatments for not-too-severe cases, while for the worst infestations, we will harness all our options. Oriented Pest Control Cambridge may carry out an initial treatment to start off. Our technicians are also advisors. They will give you tips to prevent future severe bed bug infestations. In all cases, it is important to point out that professional assistance is always best for the toughest bed bug issues, especially if they are taking place in big places. 

We treat the whole property. Bed bugs and most pests are evasive and can hide very well. We can find many of those insects in card boxes, wood cracks in windows and doors, and old wallpaper. Plus, they also lay eggs, and they are more difficult to spot. Besides our expertise, we must also remark that we are an accredited bed bug and insect hunter. We are accredited by the National Pest Technicians in Cambridge, CA. All our treatments are safe and efficient and results last long. Our commitment is to treat your property with less chemicals, as some can irritate the skin or cause allergies. 


Commercial Bed Bug Control Cambridge is available 24/7, meaning that we are always prepared for any kind of situation. Emergency service is among our options. Our customer service agents work round the clock fielding calls and the messages sent to our chat box. You will always be assisted by a REAL PERSON, not by a robot like some agencies do. Commercial Bed Bug Control Cambridge targets their services to Cambridge CA and the surrounding areas. 

How we work

Whenever you contact our oriented pest control business in Cambridge, few preparation is needed before you can book an appointment. Commercial Bed Bug Control Cambridge stands out for its organization and custom services. We will be looking through any storage on all floors. Bed bugs are terrible and difficult to spot. We are meticulous when doing our inspection work.  

We look through plastic bags, boxes, shelves, and top shelves at the moment of doing the inspection. We will also check items sealed in bags since bed bugs can survive there for 12 months. It is possible to find eggs in those bags. We can also vacuum the carpet or apply heat at 60 degrees to start killing the insects that may be hidden. Door and window frames are also hideouts to check. 

Note that bed treatments are efficacious against other types of pests. Are you dealing with cockroaches, larvae, and flies? Bed bug treatments can also eradicate them. Commercial Bed Bug Control Cambridge will help you eliminate bed bugs and other insects that can be proliferating. Our steam and heat techniques can work with spiders, woodworms, beetles, and others. Say goodbye to stored product insects.

It won’t take us more than 5 hours to finish the job, however, this depends on the property size. Hopefully, we should complete the treatment in less than 5 hours, or less if spaces are not big. The downtime of the treatment can vary but it is practically the same (4-5 hours). You should wait for the surfaces to dry completely before going back to the office. A three-hour downtime can be enough.  


Best of all, Commercial Bed Bug Control Cambridge does not charge too much for additional rooms or offices. Basically, we do not charge anything for the common areas in a commercial property, but additional spaces have a price tag. Our chemicals are shown to be a hundred times more efficient than the ones sold in supermarkets. Professional pesticides and insecticides have nontoxic ingredients that have better performance. Trust us, we are Commercial Bed Bug Control Cambridge. 

Why us

We guarantee your company will sustain a good image with zero bed bugs, eggs, and droppings in the facility. Bed bugs can damage the image of a company. Are your customers complaining about bed bugs in your property? Contact us.

Commercial Bed Bug Control Cambridge caters to all types of businesses. Our bed bug control services are available for transport, logistics, goods, food, and healthcare businesses. We are the best in Cambridge CA when it comes to eradicating bugs in commercial settings.