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Orented Ant Control Cambridge is a pest control business based in Cambridge that aims to exterminate ant infestations from your property. Cambridge is a city that normally faces ant infestations, hence the importance of providing quality ant extermination services. Ants are a main problem for Cambridge residents and commercial businesses. We are here to exterminate them.

ant exterminator cambridge

why ant treatment is necessary

Ants can proliferate very easily and are incredibly hard to get rid of. Although you can easily eliminate them with commercial insecticides, professionals do a better job. Ants can be hard to eradicate without professional assistance sometimes, especially if they have gotten a stronghold on your home or premises. Underground nests can be hard to destroy.

Health issues caused by ants

Ants are not harmful to humans, however, they can disrupt your daily life. While black ants do not sting, it is well known that red and carpenter ants do, but they do not pose a risk to humans because they are not poisonous. If you are allergic to ant stings, ant control is a must-do. Red ants sting tough and can hurt kids with ease.

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we are advisors

Most people don’t know how to cope with an ant infestation, no matter if it is taking place in the garden or in poorly maintained spaces. One of the reasons ants thrive and triumph over most methods is the little knowledge people have about ants’ lifestyle and behavior. We help our customers deal with ant infestations during our absence.

where we look for ants

Ants have the capacity to survive in many types of environments. You can find them in the kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, living room, and near food sources. Something to point out is that ants are hardly ever close to water sources. Our expert team will look for ants, especially where there is sugar and sweet. We know where to find them.

Most likely places to find ants

Our team will focus on those spaces where they can find sweets and sugar. If it is an office, we will start looking near coffee makers and stoves, since they also eat crumbs. Our technicians will take away the garbage that is attracting them. Ants march in trails. If you see a single ant, you may have more ants within a week.

searching for entry points

We will likewise search for possible entry points. Ants usually gather near entry points. Our technicians will spot these places and block them to prevent them from entering into your home or business. Blockage of entry points disconnects ants from the rest of their colony. Hence the importance of entry point blockage.

Most common ants in residential and commercial properties

There are two types of ants that generally infest homes and commercial properties. Black ants are the most inoffensive but reproduce really fast and are hard to eradicate. On the other side, red ants are famous for their sting and can eat up large amounts of leaves and destroy wood like termites. Black ants are less detrimental than their red counterparts.

identifying the ant issue

Spotting a line of red ants and black ants can signify you have an ant issue. Ants usually send a scout ant to investigate the collect information about the place to start constructing their nest. After doing the inspection, that scout returns to its mates and shares the information it collected. Ants can build their nests indoors or close to home in the garden or damp spaces.

carpenter ants

Carpenter ants love wood and live inside the walls. All ant species are treated chemically. Our technicians will look for nests, remove them, and treat them chemically to keep ants away. Carpenter, black, and red ant issues are addressed in a similar way. Places in moisture conditions are conducive to these creatures.


  • Spotting a single line of ants will help us prevent an infestation and identify their exact location. A single ant can lead us to the nest. Sometimes, a single ant does not mean the place is infested. These creatures usually send a scout ant to look for areas where they can build mounts or piles. 
  • Carpenter ants produce a hollow sound in walls. They generally excavate wood to construct tunnels connected to their nests. Do not confuse black carpenter ants with carpenter with black ones. Carpenter ants have a strong mandible that empowers them to chew and destroy wood. They generally thrive in damp wood.
  • We will be on the lookout for soil in mounds or piles on the lawn. Our technicians will inspect the soil of your garden hoping to find mounts. These insects construct their nests outdoors in an area that helps them gain access to the property. Their piles generally built-in moisture. 
  • Ants outdoors and indoors. While most ants have the nest outside in the garden or backyard, many spend time looking for food in the kitchen or where they can find crumbs indoors. They can be found in large numbers close to home, which means their mount is anywhere in the garden. 
  • Another sign of an ant infestation is the sighting of sawdust trails, which are typical of carpenter ants. Sawdust trails give us the exact location. Carpenter ants build their sawdust trails in old wooden walls or humid places. It is important to remark that carpenter ants do not eat wood and always leave sawdust behind.

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