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Welcome to Cockroaches exterminator Cambridge. We are the top cockroach exterminator in Cambridge, Ontario with over 5 years of experience under the belt in the industry. Rest assured that we will have the cockroach pest under control and you will not see more roaches in your home or commercial property for a long time. Serving all Cambridge postcodes. 

Cockroaches exterminator Cambridge

About company

Our company’s name is Orented Cockroaches Exterminator Cambridge and we are here to help home and business owners exterminate the roaches that are infesting their spaces. No matter the nature or size of your pest issue, we will handle it with ease like true specialists. 

While all pests are annoying and disruptive, cockroaches are even worse than that. These insects have the capacity to grow in number in a way that they seem barely unmanageable.  Cockroaches can come from the outside of your home and can pertain to different species. In any case, getting them out of the facilities is really important and is something you must do quickly. 

Are you looking for a domestic cockroach solution? We can solve your problem. Are you looking for a commercial cockroach solution? We have the solution. All our services are customizable. We will customize a solution that suits your problem. 

insurance and accreditation

If you are searching for a cockroach Control Company, look no further, we are the pest control business you need. We are fully DBS-checked and fully insured for any damages and accidents. All our technicians are fully insured and have been trained to deliver the highest quality of work. During these 5 years of service in Cambridge, we have tried to maintain a high standard.

We train and qualify our technicians with the latest pest control methods available. We hire experienced people. Plus, all our workers are accredited by the Canadian Pest Control Association. 

If you find yourself facing a terrible situation with cockroaches, get in touch with us online or via phone and we will come out with the solution. Some cockroach infestations require professional assistance, as they have grown too much in number and are getting out of hand. We offer emergency pest control services and solutions to very severe cockroach issues. 

the pest control services we offer in Cambridge

Not only do we help get rid of roaches, but we also exterminate and remove other types of pests from properties. Some of them are: 

  • Rats: we will kill them along with their offspring. We will also clean and disinfect their preferred spaces. We will remove any source of food that can attract them. 
  • Mice: the control of these rodents is also among our services. 
  • Wasp nests: besides eliminating cockroach nests, we destroy wasp nests, as well.
  • Squirrels: struggling with wildlife animals that go into your property? We are here to help.
  • Birds and pigeons: although they are not a common pest, if you want them out, they will be restrained. 
  • Moles: trust us and you will see no more moles wandering your home. 
  • Foxes: these mammals can be dangerous for kids and can kill fowl. Contact us. 
  • Bed bugs: while cockroaches look disgusting, bed bugs cause skin irritation and damage to wooden items. 
  • Spiders: we will exterminate them regardless if they are poisonous or not. Have you seen tarantulas in your home? Some spiders that are under protection will be transferred to a safe area away from your location. Contact us!
  • Cockroaches: this pest is very common and it is our top service. Our technicians will use the quickest methods to get rid of them. Cockroaches proliferate very fast but we are faster than them!
  • Ants: our team can tackle any ant infestation.
  • Silverfish: these fish reproduce so fast that they can become a pest when their population is not regulated. 
  • Moths: get in touch with us and our expert team will take charge of this pest. 
  • Residential pest control: we offer our pest control services to homeowners with cockroach infestation problems. We help control cockroach populations in a matter of hours. We will remove them from your kitchen, bathrooms, attic, garage, and all the infested spaces.
  • Home pest control: we provide specific treatment to eliminate roaches and all the pests mentioned above. We only offer custom pest control services. We are aware that each case is different. We will treat them individually in a personalized way. 
  • Garden pest control: roaches also attack gardens. Our technicians will remove any food source or water from your garden, so that there’s no way roaches can return. 
  • Loft pest control: lofts can also be infested by roaches when not properly cleaned. We will help you rid of these insects and disinfect the area thoroughly to keep them away. Deep cleaning plays an important role.

other services

Roofing pest control: poorly maintained roofs can be a paradise for roaches. We will clean it up and remove all their nests. We will likewise look around for roach eggs. 

commercial pest control

Commercial pest control is also among our services. This is what we include:

  • Roach extermination for restaurants: there are plenty of food sources for cockroaches in restaurants. Our specialists will remove food wastes that cockroaches feed on. Since these insects carry diseases, it is important to keep them out of food establishments. 

Restaurant and takeaway pest control: Cockroaches Exterminator Cambridge will help you prevent future roach infestations and avoid fines for poor maintenance and improper pest management in a food establishment. Keeping your restaurant clean and roach-free will help you protect your reputation. You can also have peace of mind knowing roaches will not contaminate your stock. 

In order to prevent future roach infestations, we will perform the disposal of garbage and take away food and water sources. 

Office pest control

Our technicians will carry out a thorough inspection to identify the type of cockroaches infesting your office spaces. Determining the level of infestation is also vital to selecting the best treatment. Once the inspection is done, our specialists apply gel bait to cracks and places where roaches are more frequent. We need to destroy their harborage at all costs.

Cafe pest control

Some restaurants, coffee shops and takeaway establishments do not follow any pest management plan, which has affected their reputation. Our team comprises licensed technicians specializing in pest management for residences, offices, industries, and cafes. This service is geared towards all cafes based in Cambridge, CA. 

We help you through the pest auditing process and compliance if your business is still not HACCP AU/NZ approved. Our cockroach exterminators are fully certified for the application of HACCP AU/NZ. 

Retail pest control

Pests like roaches are a major threat to real stores as they are difficult to eliminate and spread pathogens very easily. Other than that, they can affect the reputation of your retail store, making sales decline. Our highly trained specialists in cockroach treatment are ready for any type of challenge when it comes to ridding spaces of pests and roach infestations. We will utilize our special techniques to stop it. Trust us. 

Your brand can lose reputation if people realize there are roaches in your store. These insects are known for spreading infections and pathogens across the facilities. Cockroaches Exterminator Cambridge has unique solutions that help get these creatures out of your business’ perimeter. We will work hard to prevent their return without using chemicals that can cause asthma or allergies. 

Maintenance and prevention for cockroaches control in cambridge

General building maintenance is the best way to block roaches the access to the property. If you have been struggling with these scavengers for a long time and you still don’t know how to sort the problem out, put your trust in us, a company with over 5 years of experience in the cockroach removal field. This is what we mainly do to prevent future cockroach infestations:

Filling and sealing cracks and holes in walls is a must-do; it is actually the first task we perform. These creatures can hide under sinks, around pipework, and fitted cabinets. Our priority will be to reduce the possible entry points, so they are warded off.

Checking the pipes is the next step in detecting roaches. We will meticulously inspect damp and moist areas, where we believe roaches can easily thrive. Regular checking of these areas can help identify signs of cockroach activity. You may need a pipe repair service in case your piping system needs fixing or replacement. We have partners who can help you clear blocked drains, which are entry points. 

We focus on crack and crevice sealing, where roaches lay eggs and hide when grown up. Painting and varnishing over wood helps make the surface of the floor and some items less porous. Our mission is the destruction of all shelters where cockroaches can thrive. In addition, our technicians will take their time to clean and remove debris and any scenting that can draw in more of these insects.